(Papio hamadryas)




The baboon has been known for thousands of years (it appears in the Egyptian mythology too). Its name was given by the French naturalist Buffon.

Translated from Greek (lat. Papio Cynocephalus), Baboon means “dog’s head” and this name was given to it due to its long muzzle which is unusual for a primate.

Baboons eat, sleep and travel in groups of 50-80 individuals among whom there are 7 or 8 adult males, females and their infants. Females hold the main role in the group. After becoming adults, males leave the group.

Baboons eat both meat and vegetables. Most of their alimentation includes grass and roots, fruit, seeds, bark of trees and leaves. They also feed on: insects, fish, birds and their eggs, rodents and even young antelope.

Some conflicts among males are solved with the help of infants. They use it as a “shield” – The weaker male holds an infant and gets closer to the other, knowing that the latter won’t do it any harm.




Banu Raluca Gabriela @ 08/05/2017, 14:30
Buna ziua! Am vizitat gradina zoologica sambata, 06.05.2017 si am constatat ca in tarc era un pui ranit la membrul superior, blana era plina de sange, cel care il apara avea zgarieturi sangerande pe partea dorsala. Intrebarea mea este: de ce nu se pun in carantina animalele suferinde? Ma refer la pui. E posibil sa fie o tehnica a masculului mai slab sa se foloseasca de un pui, dar eu mi-am facut impresia ca il apara mama lui.... O imagine foarte trista, am plecat de la zoo cu multe intrebari in minte....
Huc Marian @ 29/07/2014, 16:32
Bună ziua
din păcate, pe noile plăcuțe de identificare a animalelor este trecut drept BABUIN, nu pavian cu mantie
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