(Nymphicus hollandicus)




The cocktiel originates from Australia. The word “Nymphicus” comes from Greek and means “bride”. Usually, the nymphs were the daughters of Zeus and they would dance, sing and stay young forever.
Besides, they were the companions of Gods and used to spread blessing and fertility.

They measure 40 cm in length and weigh between 90-110 g. Their lifespan is 14-20 years, but they can live more than 25 years. They are one of the fastest Australian flyers. Australians also call them the “Quarrian”.

Nymphs are peaceful birds which can be kept together with other peaceful animals, for instance with the budgerigars.
Nymphs can see up to 100 frames/ second while human being can see only 16. It takes two hours for them to arrange and clean their plumage. Because they live in flocks, they do their daily activities together. For instance, they orient themselves according to the other birds in the flock, wash themselves together, eat together. 

The food of the nymphs can mainly be found on the ground. It includes grass, tree and fruit seeds. The main food: millet grass, sunflower seeds (white and spotted), hemp seeds, grass seeds, cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, spinach seeds, radish seeds, seeds from different herbs.

The nymphs don’t have a specific period for reproduction during the year. Due to this fact they can easily adapt to any type of environment. Because it’s easy for them to breed in captivity, they were immediately considered as pets. The nymphs become sexually mature and can reproduce when they are 9 months. Anyway, it is not recommended to let them hatch before they are 1 year old. 


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