(Boa constrictor)




The Boa constrictor is a large, heavy-bodied species of snake. It is a member of the family Boidae found in North, Central, and South America, as well as some islands in the Caribbean.
A staple of private collections and public displays, its color pattern is highly variable yet distinctive.

The Boa constrictor is a large snake, although only modestly sized in comparison to other large snakes such as the reticulated python and Burmese python, and can reach lengths of anywhere from 3–13 feet (0.91–4.0 m) depending on the locality and the availability of suitable prey.

Boa constrictors are solitary animals, and will only associate with conspecifics to mate. They are nocturnal, however they may bask during the day when night-time temperatures are too low. As semi-arboreal snakes,young boa constrictor individuals may climb into trees and shrubs to forage, however they become mostly terrestrial as they become older and heavier

Prey includes a wide variety of mammals and birds. The bulk of their diet consists of rodents, but larger lizards and mammals as big as ocelots are also reported to have been consumed. Young Boa constrictors will eat small mice, birds, bats, lizards and amphibians. The size of the prey item will increase as they get older and larger.

Boa constrictors are ovoviviparous, giving birth to live young. They will generally breed in the dry season—between April and August—and are polygynous, thus males may mate with multiple females. A half of all females will breed in a given year, and a larger percentage of males will actively attempt to locate a mate



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