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Lynxes are any of the four species of medium-sized wildcats. They are all considered to be part of the Lynx genus, but some authorities classify them as part of the Felis genus which includes the wild and domestic cats.

The size of lynxes is similar to that of dogs. Lynxes range in length from 70 to 150 cm and have a relatively short tail which can measure from 2 to 150 cm. The tip of their tail is usually black, while on the tip of their ears there are tufts of black hair which differentiate them from other Felidae.
As this species usually measures between 80-150 cm in length and weigh between 18-30 kg, the weight of lynxes doesn’t exceed more than 30 kg.

All the species of lynxes are carnivore, predatory and territorial animals and their habitat ranges from 100 km² to approximately 2000 km².  Lynxes are able to climb, but they usually hunt from the ground level. They don’t accept the company of foxes or wild cats and make them leave, showing thus a hostile behavior towards them. Lynxes are active during the nights.

Their typical prey consists of different forest animals, but they also eat animals which live on plains, such as: mice, rabbits, deer, saigas, Mongolian wild asses and other different species of birds. Some of them eat also domestic animals, such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, sheep, etc. They attack the dogs when they feel they are in danger. 

All the species mate during spring, in March and April. Because they are solitary animals, they don’t mate every year. The oestrus cycle lasts 10-15 days, and the pregnancy period between 65-90 days.


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